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At My Sneaky Escapes, we are passionate about travel. It’s why we created our travel-savvy community, so we can share the best deals that you won’t find published anywhere else.

The Power of Connection

Nothing drives us like amazing stories and experiences that collide in faraway lands and lead to new friendships and families.

Travel opens doors to new cultures, creates connections, and makes the world a better and more understandable place. So with our exclusive traveller club we make it our mission to help people navigate the world for less.

We want to be part of the joy of travel. Dipping your feet in a faraway ocean or sipping an exotic drink should not only be the place of those with deep pockets.

The travel industry can be tricky and confusing, with hidden costs that drive up budgets. We’re here to demystify that and ensure all our members find the best discount hotel rates in the most extraordinary locations.

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Revolutionising the Way We Travel

Did you know that hotel prices are, on average, inflated by 33% compared to wholesale rates? We start by doing away with those commissions. Then we start negotiating for better discounts, more inclusions and amazing extras such as free night offers.

We work hard to negotiate the best discount hotel rates in the best places for our members because that’s what community is all about. With our unique combination of price-scanning technology and our friendly customer-first approach, we source the best deals and make sure you have easy access to them.

Everyone deserves to travel and our goal is to get more people travelling further and exploring amazing places with one exclusive traveller club membership.

Our members tell us it’s worth every penny.

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